There were many cooked food stalls along the Canal Road Flyover since more than 15 years ago with many people came there for dinner and overnight snack. The most famous restaurant among them will definitely be “Under Bridge Spicy Crab”.
Opened for more than 20 years, Under Bridge Spicy Crab started out as a stall and now has become a major restaurant serving the best spicy crab.
Under Bridge Spicy Crab serves only the most original and the most delicious Typhoon shelter style dishes. To achieve this, the chef goes to the fish market himself at 6am to choose the best and the freshest seafood available. Over seafood such as crab will also be flown in everyday from all over the world including Australia and Vietnam. Razor calm would be flown in from UK and Mantis shrimp from Malaysisa. We obtained seafood from so many places only to ensure it is the best and the freshest.
Our menu comprises of more than a hundred dishes available for you to choose. Among them you must try the signature dish “Under Bridge Spicy Crab”! Each dish uses meat crab weighing more than 5 catty, deep fried and then cooked with secret typhoon style sauce and ingredient, resulting our most famous spicy dish. You can choose how spicy it is and even not spicy at all. Our signature dish “Under Bridge Spicy Crab” has attracted many celebrities before including Anthony Bourdain, Ray Lui, Rosamund Kwan and Rainie Yeung.
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